*** Công ty Sài Gòn Xanh chuyên tư vấn thiết kế, thi công, chuyển giao công nghệ xử lý nước, nước thải, khí thải, rác thải, tư vấn môi trường và phân tích thí nghiệm các chỉ tiêu môi trường.                                      Saigon EnviGreen specializes in design, construction and installation, technology transfer on water, wastewater engineering, air pollution control, solid waste, environmental consulting and laboratory analysis of environmental parameters. 
Saigon Green Environment & Constructions Co., Ltd. (Saigon EnviGreen)

Saigon Green Environmental and Constructions Co., Ltd. (SAIGONGREEN E&C CO.,LTD) is a specialized company in the environmental protection industry. With a team of experienced staff, the company has been design, appraisal, construction, maintenance, upgrading and technology transfer in the field of wastewater treatment, air and noise pollution control, solid waste treatment. In addition, the company also made consulting, laboratory analysis, the environmental consulting services such as EIA report, Environmental Monitoring report, Licence of Wastewater Disharge, etc.

– Objectives:

Saigon EnviGreen become a leading company in the industry of environmental protection.

– Vision
Saigon EnviGreen can create and update the application of new technologies in the world of environmental protection, which applied in a flexible manner and in accordance with the real situation of each partner, each local to “Keep it Green”.

– Mission:

To customers, partners:

The benefit of our customers through the selection and application of appropriate technologies to protect the environment as a guide in all the activities that we work towards. Bring the efficiency and quality of environmental protection is an important direction for us to survive and grow. Listen and share to put the satisfaction and trust of our partners, clients of the company’s mission Saigon EnviGreen.

To members of the Company:

Constantly set-up a professional working environment, rich in humanity, high culture of the company; create opportunities to improve professional and career development for all members.

To society and the natural environment:

Share responsibility with society and the natural environment through programs jointly protect the environment. Propaganda contribute to improving public awareness of environmental protection. In addition, Saigon EnviGreen has and will fund scholarships for students of poor studious environment and research projects, seminars on environmental protection.

– Logo (registered exclusive)

– Slogan

In English: “Keep it Green“.

In Vietnamese: “Gìn giữ môi trường mãi Xanh