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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)


Simple operation, MBBR tank is applied with high organic loading rates. As a result, its volume and area are smaller than that of conventional activated sludge process.

MBBR tank contains PVC packing media for moving inside the tank by uplift of the air supply. The PVC ring increases loading rates by increased density of microorganisms in the tank. In addition, packing media increase the contact area between microorganisms and wastewater. MBBR tank also has the ability to adapt to fluctuations in the composition of the wastewater.

Figure: Schematic diagram of MBBR technology and PVC packing media

The advantages of MBBR tank:

  • Volume of MBBR is smaller than that of conventional activated sludge process;
  • Easy upgrade by increasing the quantity of packing media;
  • Can changing wastewater composition and organic loading rates applied;
  • Not depends on the ratio F/M and MLSS concentration in the tank.

Photo: Surface of MBBR tank in the WWTP of Sai Gon Tabacco Co., Ltd installed by Saigon EnviGreen

MBBR tank is a great choice to treat wastewater containing highorganic concentrations and fluctuations.

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