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MBR for wastewater treatment

MBR for domestic, industrialand hospital wastewater treatment

MBRs are the advanced wastewater treatment systems that have reasonable investment costs, high-quality of the effluent and save the area land.




MBR system is a combination of biological processes and submersed membrane modules. MBR using high biomass concentration (MLSS concentrations up to 20,000mg / l) and the removal of activated sludge of the mix-liqour is very easy, no need to consider the possibility of sludge settlement. MBR system is easy maintenance, space saving and low cost, it is very suitable for small-scale wastewater treatment plants to ensure high quality of the effluent to reach column A, QCVN 40 for industrial wastewaters, QCVN 14 for domestic wastewaters or QCVN 28 for clinics and hospital wastewaters.

Figure: Diagram of MBR for wastewater treatment


The main advantages of MBR:

1. Easy operation and maintenance due to do not care the setllement of sludge;

2.Saving space land by applied high organic loading rate, without clarifiers;

3.Low investment and operation costs;

4.Quality treated water quality is very good;

5.High safety and stability;

6.Saving energy.

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