*** Công ty Sài Gòn Xanh chuyên tư vấn thiết kế, thi công, chuyển giao công nghệ xử lý nước, nước thải, khí thải, rác thải, tư vấn môi trường và phân tích thí nghiệm các chỉ tiêu môi trường.                                      Saigon EnviGreen specializes in design, construction and installation, technology transfer on water, wastewater engineering, air pollution control, solid waste, environmental consulting and laboratory analysis of environmental parameters. 

Saigon Green E&C often needs to recruit engineers with specific tasks described below:

1. Environmental Engineer:
• Consulting, design and construction of environmental processing such as water, wastewater, air and noise pollution control, solid waste.
• Requirements: a) graduate specialized in Environmental engineering or Water and wastewater engineering. b) Fluency in AutoCAD design drawings. c) Ability to work independently, go trip on business. d) Priority for people with experience and male.
• Salary, allowances and incentives: negotiation.

2. Chemical or Environmental Engineer:

  • Sampling and analysis of environmental indicators such as water, waste water, waste gas, waste.
  • Requirements: a) graduate specialized technical or environmental analytical chemistry. b) certification and experience comply with ISO / IEC 17025 Laboratory. c) Ability to work independently, away on business. d) Priority for experienced people and female.
  • Salaries, allowances and incentives: negotiation.

3. Manager of Sales and Project Development

– Looking for and development projects consistent with the strategic development of the company;
– Management, business operations, development projects;
– Report on the efficiency of work, personal prescribed;
– Other tasks as requested by the Board of Directors of the Company.

* Benefits are entitled to:
– Attractive income, including salary and bonuses according to sales;
– The welfare of other companies: birthday, blowing hospitality, annual vacation …
– Have the opportunity to be sent to participate in advanced training courses.

The interested candidates can apply online, via email or directly to the company:

* Profile includes:
– CV attached itself visible face photo (4×6 or similar);
– The process of learning and working (full list so if any);
– Health certificate;
– Transcripts, diplomas, achievements, hobbies, personality …
– For work 3) if you do not have a degree but the candidate has experience developing projects to boldly sent to our records.

* Note: Only those candidates interviewed have satisfactory records, did not return profile of the candidate does not meet the requirements.

Please contact us via the email address or telephone office.