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Lamella Plate for Sedimentation Tank

Application: using for Lamella Sedimentation Tank for water supply, or UASB tank for wastewater treatment.

– Water from the Coagulation tank to the Lamella sedimentation tanks or from bottom of UASB will move upward under the settling plate lamella designed tilted 60 °, in the process of moving the sediment (sludge precipitates or cotton) will collide and stick to the surface plate lamella settling. When the cotton settles bound together on the surface plate lamella settling heavy enough and win the thrust of the water is moving up the cotton precipitation will slide down in the opposite direction and hit the bottom of clarifier (or sump sludges) or UASB bottom, from which the sludge is drawn according to the discharge cycle.

– With such operation principles, plate lamella settling effective to the exposed surface of the deposition tube, increasing the exposed surface of the deposition tube higher deposition efficiency, help increase efficiency solution Tank capacity and reduce settling time.

Features of Lamella Plate:

– Thickness uniformity;
– High velocity of settling;
– Very good setlling;
– The uniform distribution on the surface of the water;
– Low cost for installation and preservation;
– High ratio of surface area per volume;
– Resistant to chemicals for water-soluble substances;
– Resistance to high product and minimize congestion.

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