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Wastewater Treatment for Clinics

Applied MBR for Clinics’s Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater generated from Clinics includes domestic sewage and clinics’ wastewater. Pollutants of the wastewater comprise liquid blood, body fluids, wash, rinse medical supplies, laboratory, surgical, obstetrical, toilets. This type of wastewater containing organic substances and pathogenic microbes, are suitable for biological treatment process and sterilization.


Photo: a wastewater treatment plant of a clinic designed and installed by Saigon Green E&C

Wastewater treatment systems designed and fabricated by Saigon Green E&C including MBR technologies such as activated sludge tank and membrane modules. The system has high effectively that handle almost pollutants (up to more than 99%). There are many different capacities and depending on the requirements of the customers as 300 liters/day; 500 liters/day; 1 m3/day, 2, 3, 5, 10 m3/day, etc. The area of wastewater treatment is from 1 m2 or more, depending on the specific area of the customers.

Photo: Wastewater treatment plant of MediLab Clinic – capacity of 3 m3/day designed and installed by Saigon Green E&C

Advantages of the systems:

– Fast construction and installation;

– Saving area and investment costs;

– Low operating and maintenance costs;

– Efficient handling is high and stable;

– Long life of Equipment, less damaged;

– Do not generate odors, noise.

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